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versa said:
This is something very serious and thought-provoking indeed.....

Will the boy eventually come good? Can he really realise his talents and potential like we all know he has? But how long will it take? How long will he need? Is he willing to change in the first place eg his attitude towards the game and the team? Can he improve on his decision making on the pitch? What is taking him so long? Even if we were to offload him, is there any reasonable taker at this current form of his? Can't he just wake up his ideas?! What is wrong with him?!! :mad: :D

Seriously now, if Tosic is anywhere near as good as we see in the videos, especially his long shots and free kicks (you either can or you can't for such skills but have not seen his wing play, attitude etc), and if Nani does not break through soon enough, I am afraid Nani will have to play backup instead, with Ronaldo sealing the other wing spot of course.

That would be sad and a waste indeed for such a multi-talented Nani. But then again, the best man should be playing for United.
I was very excited to start with when Nani and Anderson was signed. Ive talked to friends about Nani and everyone have a different theory whats wrong with him.
One said one interesting thought of that he's walking in Ronaldos foot steps and the 42 goal level Ronaldo put up last season is a mighty tough challange to copy and that Nani's confidence now is lower the Leeds in pro football divisions. Is this the reason...I dont know but its worth concidering.

At the end of the day, I hope Nani start playing to his capacity and become a United hero. He's only 22 so he got the career ahead of him.
His season so far, as well as the end of last, havent been much to write back to Cape Verde about.
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