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Who will be the next United manager?

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Hey,doesn't you all know Sir Alex getting old,he will retire,but who will be the next manager ?
Here are who will be United manager candidate :
1.jose mourinho
2.ottmar hitzfeld
3.steve coppell
4.fabio capello
5.roberto mancini
6.carlos queiroz

Can you give another candidate ?
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I think we should go for someone who understands the English game. I think Keano's a great legend, but hes got a fiercer temper than SAF. Players like Ronaldo (if hes still at united) and Rooney would clash with him and leave. Probably bring in someone like Mark Hughes, or maybe promote Queiroz and give him a chance. It seems like hes calling most of the shots anyway.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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