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Who Won The League...

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In the year you were born ?

Me....Wolverhampton Wanderers .

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in year liverpool in season manchester utd so i prefer 1966-67 season option
Quite an interesting topic this

Mine was.........Liverpool :(

But they havn't won it since lol
Arsenal. Ian Wright scored a fantastic 29 goals. (91/92)

Bye Now.
Grrrrrrrr 1980-Champions-Liverpool, runners up-yep you guessed it-United :(

On a side note, I never knew United had come 2nd more than anyone else.
Very interesting indeed......hmmmmmm
Red Devil said:
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Portsmouth !!!!!
That was back in the 1930's was it RD?

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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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