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12 Bolton.............29...33
13 Hull.................29...33
14 Sunderland.......29...32
15 Blackburn.........29...30
16 Newcastle.......29...29
17 Portsmouth .....28...29
18 Stoke.............29...29
19 Middlesbrough..29...27
20 West Brom......29...23

My 3 to go down are..


I think Borough will scrape a few points now they are really needed and Newcastle will battle better than recently.
Sunderland and Blackburn to hang on in there with a couple of good results.
Hull could be the ones who could also drop into the bottom 3 or 4, great start but faded away.

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I'd be lmfao if Newcastle got relegated but now that Owen is back I think they'll pick up enough points to stay up.

Allardyce should be able to keep Rovers up with the players at his disposal and Hull seem to have recovered from their dreadful run so I think they'll be safe. I can't see Bolton going down.

I think WBA are a gimme. Stoke are almost totally reliant on their home form so I think they'll go down too...but not without a fight.

For the final spot it's a toss up between Pompey and Boro. It'd be so like football for last seasons FA Cup winners to be relegated this season but Boro only seem to be motivated for when the big 4 come to the Riverside and Downing's transfer request must have had an impact. I think I'll go for Boro.

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The PL is so tight at the moment at the foot of the table that it is really very tough to predict who goes down. One win or even a draw can decide the future of so many teams. West Brom are destined to go down and Stoke are the most likely to follow them into the Championship.

I'd say

West Brom

I think Portsmouth might just scrape through by a point or so. It will be hilarious if Newcastle go down.

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Impossible to call the way I see it anyone is in with a chance of staying up. Its so easy that a team could go and win 4 out of the last 5 games in a season or something and stay up.

I think its pretty certain West Brom will go down but even they have a chance if they sort their defense out.

If I had to choose 3 though I'd go with West Brom, Middlesborough, and Hull.
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