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Who's going to the olympics

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and is gonna miss the start of the season?

I'm sure Teves will be there for the Argis, can't think of anyone else.

Better hope Saha's fit then, else Danny Wellbeck or Manucho may get a run out. Or Ole may get the nod if he plays a blinder on 2.8
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Hopefully we will of bought a striker by then so shouldn't worry.

But I'm not sure who's going, Tevez was there in 2004 i think as was Paek but he's injured this time around. But there the only two i can think of.
cantonas_right_foot said:
Better hope Saha's playing for Bolton by then
:D :D
Anderson will go if fit.

Tevez isn't I don't think. He wants a rest.
Anderson will be there i think if he is fit.
I do not think tevez will be there,and park said not long ago that he wanted to play in the olympics but not against the club's wishes.
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