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dlan4327 said:
Great post. City are obviously using Chelsea as their model except they're not doing it right. :p

When Chelsea first set out to become big they did so not by purchasing mega stars but good up & coming players.

They started of with good promising English talent & they weren't afraid of buying duds.

Mainly because despite being new comers they were relatively cheap and they knew that some would succeed.

They bought Glen Johnson, Geremi & Wayne Bridge. Even though none of them really made it they were affordable errors at £6m a pop.

Joe Cole £6.6m, Lampard was there a few years before for £11m. They started with cheaper players.

Petr Cech £12m, Arjen Robben £7m. They bought cheap & they bought very, very well.

When they did spend big it was almost always for a truly gifted player £16m for Makelele, £24.4m for Essien both worth every penny.

They're only big money signing who left without making an impact was Mutu & that was only because he left after testing positive for Cocaine.

Meanwhile compare City to Chelsea. They go out & buy Robinho not because he was perfect for them but because he is high profile.

They already have Petrov. They have Elano & don't use him. Since Sven's left Richards has gone backwards. :rolleyes:

They were heading in the right direction under Sven now they're rudderless. They're scared of everybody.
Another great post.
regarding Martin Petrov I must note that he is a badly injured. May be there is not the place where Petrov carrier needs to be discussed,but with few words i will try to make point. Petrov experienced plenty injuries,otherwise he should be a player
close to the Hristo Stoichkov class.
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