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why have strike partnerships changed so much?

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In my time in watching United i have seen some excellent partnerships in the front line, Yorke and Cole were superb and shared an excellent understanding, as do Carlos Tevez and Wayne Rooney in the modern generation. But what the threads about is in the modern game there are now very few out and out strikers that partner eachother, for example i remember the partnerships of Ronaldo and Romario, Ronaldo and Christian Vieri, basically since Fergie has taken charge he has always liked a player playing off of another Cantona off Hughes, Tevez off Rooney, Rooney off Van Nistelrooy etc Fergie in my view has helped the position of the second striker, what peoples views on this ? This position is my favourite position some of the best players now play this position, but do more United fans want to see a couple of out and out strikers? or the attractive football and movement of the likes of Tevez and Rooney? For me we are one top quality 'Center Forward' off of the most complete side we've ever been, certainly in my life time ... it's an interesting subject :)
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small or big second or first,
it doesnt really matter if we play attractive football and scores regularly :)
i'd certainly agree there, but it's strange to see that theres few top class partnerships of out and out strikers ...
I know what you mean. Currently the only great partnerships in the Prem are Keane & Berbatov and to a

lesser extent because it's very new Tevez & Rooney. The latter has often been broken up when

Fergie/Queiroz decided to shift formation.
Tbh, there isn't many 2 out and out strike partnerships I can think of, like you say.

I just think that 1 striker, and 1 playing off is a better way to play, and it seems that the football flows more.

Its definitely the way to go.
i would agree 004, often when you now look at failed teams you see that their strike partnerships aren't working, for example France in the euro's they played Benzema and Henry up front together, neither of them like dropping off the main striker as both of them like to play as the main striker, i also think though if the players are clever enough they can play together, and you dont get many more clever footballers than Carlos Tevez and Wayne Rooney :)
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