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Here are some reasons: finish any phone call for 30 seconds.
2.for vacation you need 7 days and one bag. are able to open all cans and bottles.
4.your friends don't feel sorry whan you are fat.
5.whan you are sarching TV chanels,you will not stop whan you see TV show with tears.
6.your butt is not important whan you are on trying to find a job.
7.all your orgasmss are real.
8.whan you finish the army,you will never wash WC. much sex will not ruin your reputation.
10.for only 5 euros,you can buy 3 pars of underwears. can shower and dress for 10 minutes.
12.nobady from your job can not make you cry. don't have to shave yourself below your neck. don't have to sleep with somebodies hairy backs. may write your name on the snow. can eat a banana or icekream on the street and nobodie is gonna look you.
17.nobodie will stop telling his joke whan you came to room.
18.carmechanics teels you the truth usually. will not go crazy if nobodie see your new hairstyle or shoes. know at leest 20 ways how to open a beer botle.
21.white hair is just a picture of your character. don't care what people says behind your back.
23.3 pairs of shoes are more than enoungh.
24.people are not looking in your breast whan they are talkng with you.
25.if somebodie came to party in same shirt as yours,nobodie will notice that.
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