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I try to avoid getting angry about referees. It does nothing to change the game or the usually horrific decision, but makes me think very bad thoughts and effects my blood pressure.

So why not do something that will cast the public eye on the matter and maybe force Keith Hackett to finally earn his wage?

I suggest writting to your Member of Parliament and lamenting the worrying standard of refereeing in top flight football and that the unbelievable inconsistency is costing football clubs millions of pounds and causing you severe stress.

Then suggest that Keith Hackett conduct regular meetings with top flight officials throughout the country to calibrate refereeing decisions.

With football now a major industry in Britain, generating billions of pounds in revenue and jobs, they should take you seriously.

If your MPs takes up this issue, the papers will be filled with this. It might even seem silly, but it would generate enough coverage to force Keith Hackett to do something about these ridiculous inconsistencies.

To those who believe this idea is silly, I apologize in advance, but I think that writting to your MO might be one of the few avenues fans have, where they can make a real difference.
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