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why Ronaldo didn't do that figo-like penalty?

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he was obviously over-confident with himself..he just smashed it wide..didnt even do that figo-like penalty, which he usually stopped awhile, takes the aim, guess where the goalkeeper was going, then shoot to the corner...which i recall he never missed when he does that..but why this time he didn't do that?? :confused: and it cost us dearly - losing 1-2 to West Ham :(
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shit happens.

Ronaldo missing the penalty is actually the least of our problems today mate. ;)

It is the attitude of all thing United today most notably the line up and Fergies static behaviour in making changes.

Questions will have to be asked.
I've heard a good thing on Canal+ ( swedish television ) today. Where one guy asked if there were any penalty in shipping SAF to the platform? And the answer i got was : When you're in school and you get an substitue in a class, he teaches you the same thing and in the correct way, as the last teacher did. But still you loses concentration and get lazier. I guess SAFs substitute said the same things SAF would have said in the pause, but still it's not the same way. And i think it was a little bit like that today. :/
The tactics were all wrong today..........Atleast theres only one more game untill SAF is back.
you have to use the squad players at some point... the gamble didn't pay off. As for Ronni missing the pen, he can't score them all. He isn't exactly Cantona is he!
At least he's got 1 miss out of the way, rather it come against West Ham than forexample in a European Cup Final. :D
Its ok if he missed, hope he atleast hits the target next time:)
He does penalties good. but no one can always make score over a penalty. beside people behind the goalkeeper facing him have some effect on him.
bad luck for us this time...too bad Rooney didn't play...:( bad the gunners won at everton...hope we don't make any more mistakes....:(
I have to agree... the penalty miss was pretty shocking seeing how spot on Ronaldo has been. Every dog has his day. We barely created chances honestly. The important thing is how we rebound from this :)
the fact that we barely created any chances made that penalty miss even worse..i hope he realizes how over-confidence can backfire yourself sometimes..
i noticed he was a bit nervous going into the thats probably why he scuffed it.Still he's on hot form and thats reassuring.Now as for the rest of the team,it seems like a strange type of ball game we were playing.The team has to get that of thier shoulder or else we'll make more mistakes and then we'll really feel the effect.
Even the best of them miss. Rather he misses now, then some other far more important time.
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