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Thanks to everyone who responded to my previous questions under the heading of 'winning with foreigners'. The information provided and feedback provided was enlightening and has been a big help to my dissertation.

However I now have a few more questions and would be grateful if you could provide me with your views for this set of questions? All answers and names will be kept confidential as these questions only take into account fans views.

Q1 What do you believe are the reasons for the influx of foreign players to the Premier league?

Q2 Do foreign players have an impact on home grown players?

Q3 Do you agree or diasagree that 'foreigners' involvement within the Premier league affects the results and performances of the National team?

Q4 What changes could be made to increase the numbers of English born players or (UK) in the Premier league?

Q5 Do you believe 'foreigners' have a deterimental effect on any aspect of the English game?

Q6 Is the success of your club team who you support week in and week out more of a priority than the performances and results of the National team? Please explain

Thankyou for your time

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2: I think overseas players are good for our home grown players, it must good for youngsters to train week in week out with the best technically gifted players around. Working with someone as skilful like Cantona must have helped the likes of Giggs, Scholes, Beckham Neville(s), Butt.
3:I disagree if we had no foreign players in the Premier league our home grown players would still be of same standard if there good enough with foreign players around they will get spotted typical English excuse for not being good enough.
4:Better sports at school simple me thinks
5:As in any walk of life you have a few bad things that they can bring e.g gesturing a card to the ref, or diving etc but the good sides they bring to the league far outways that. just look how boring it was in early 80's
6:Yes of course i support England every summer not week in week out, you dont get the banter with other fans having bragging rights etc with a national team. I would rather Man Utd did the treble again than England winning world cup.

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Q1. Money plays a large part in the decision. The Premiership is one of the richest leagues in the World. Also, with TV coverage of the Prem being shown around the World players from all over the place grow up watching the stars in the Premier League and dream of playing for clubs in this country.

Q2. Yes, they do - both positive and negative. Playing with and against these foreign players week in and week out is great experience for the English players and should help them in European and International competition. However, the huge influx of cheap foreign imports is making it more and more difficult to break into the 1st team. Many players are having to learn their trade with loan spells to lower division sides where the quality is, obviously, not as good.

Q3. I disagree. The National team is usually chosen from a pool of the top 40-50 English players. The top English players still get to play for their club sides. It's the English players that aren't up to International standard that suffer. People forget that, before McClaren, we reached the last 8 of the last 3 major tournaments - that's a good record.

Q4. I think the National Football Academy is a good idea but this is not enough. Regional academies or centres of excellence should be set up throughout the Uk and they should focus on developing passing and technical skills from an early age.

Q5. There is a lot of focus on diving and waving imaginary cards by foreign players. English players do this too but some countries seem to regard it as part of the game whereas in England it is regarded as cheating. More should be done to remove both of these aspects from the game.

Q6. They are equally important for me. I love Man United and England and want both of them to be successful. One of the happiest moments of my life was seeing United lift the Champions League trophy but I think that feeling would be matched by watching England lift the World Cup.

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q1. quality foreign players are cheeaper to buy and they are attracted by the wages and lifestyle
q2. less home grown players get a chance and many who could develop ito good players get overlooked then get disilusioned with the game

q3. national team has a smaller pool of players to pick from but of arguably higher calibre

q4 . only way to increase the number of brits is to scrap the rules relating to where clubs can get youth players from

q5. i feel the game is better to watch at league level

q6. man utd first second and third over england anytime . obvious i would love to watch england win a major tournament as whole nation would get involved in it but if i had to do without one it would be internationals without doubt

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1-money is a big factor and the quality of the league and the coverage it gets worldwide. Most of the 'stars' play in the Prem or LaLiga

2-the impact is both positive and negative.
positive because the English players need to up their game to get in the team. They also get to train with better players which can improve their own games.

negative because they dont get given a fair chance to play and prove themselves.
Which in turn impacts on the national team.

3-as Haggler said above.....but I think in the long term it will get worse as possible future England players may not be regulars for their club.

4-needs to start at the bottom, graas roots, training the kids properly at an early age, concentrating on all aspects of being a professional like skills, eating , recovery, looking after yourself etc....

5-I think with more 'foreigners' you will get more diving, simulation, faking injuries, embellishing matters etc etc..
Not that the English players dont do this but there are a few foreigners who are really bad for this, the likes of Drogba, Eboue etc

6-Tough one this. Im Irish for a start so the form of the English team is of no real concern for myself. We have had a debate on this in th epast and most people always went for club over country, whether they are English or not.
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