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1. Do we have enough QUALITY cover in the central defensive positions?

Well a lot would depend on whether people like Silvestre stick around.
We will also being buying a defender who might be able to play centrally as well.
If Neville makes it back to the player he was then we have Wes who can
cover Rio and Vida as well. O'Shea is in there and for the time being Silvestre
as well.

Barring injury Rio/Vidic will play the majority of the games, certainly
the important ones, so having Brown, O'Shea, Silvestre, Evans even Cathcart
as well as a potential signing we should be fine for cover.
If Fergie bought Richards for instance then he could cover absolutely anywhere.

Pique and Shawcross are very good players, but they needed to be world class
to have even stood a chance of breaking up the Vida/Rio duo.
Truth is that they probably wont even be missed......

So in answer to your question-Yes we have enough quality cover at present.

2. Will young Johnny Evans bother to stick around and should he?

Well yes, I guess he will. With Pique out of the picture his chances of playing
have risen dramatically. He has had the experience with Sunderland so we know
he can do it. If he comes back and gives it a real go, he could be one of the 2 main
covers for Rio/Vida.

Unless of course he loves working with Keano and at Sunderland..... he may want
to be guaranteed his place there. Fergie will no doubt help decide what happens
to him. Evans is a class act but we need to see if he will leave like the others
or make a fight of things.

Also he is a good 7-8 years younger than Rio and Vidic so if he stuck around
he could be the future of Man United. Thats a chance in a lifetime and hopefully
too good for him to ignore.

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dckyfoxes said:
Honestly from my point of view, this lad has no intentions to stay at all, so what's the poing of having him in the squad... Cashing in on him would be a better choice.

1. Do we have enough QUALITY cover in the central defensive positions?
We have the quality in that position but who can assure that no injuries will hit either Rio or Vida??? So in this case, I have to say no... We not not have enough quallity to cover the central defensive positions. Wes Brown looks only ok for the task but I have faith in him... I hope that he will prove us wrong next season... At the moment Gary and Hargreaves can play as right back so to me Brown is my best choice to cover CD, but remember that I mentioned OK only... Certain games I few that Brown is up to the task, BIG GAMES??? Beware... O'shea is shaky... No faith in him. (FULLSTOP)

2. Will young Johnny Evans bother to stick around and should he?
Is his chance to prove... I mean provided that he chooses to stay with Manchester United, at the moment it sure doesn't look that way. But for sure I know that potential is not a definate proven success. So Evans will have to work his way up the ranks and seize all opportunities given. But in any case, if Rio and Vida stay injuries free, no chance will be given to him... Final decision depends on him if he's willing to learn all not, bearing in mind that in Sunderland is not a place to learn. He will only be frustrated with the number of attacks that he would have to handle with...

No offence... cjl safc fan
You say O'Shea is shaky, yet he will be cementing down a place a centre back
for Ireland in the coming years. He is shaky compared to Vida and Rio
but who isn't? O'Shea has shown time and time again that he can be relied upon.
He is a great servant and pro and ffs he scored an injury time winner in front
of the Kop :D
It's players like him we need as cover. He knows he won't get in the first 11
and as far as we know, he is fine with that.

As for your last line, that did confuse me a lot. Surely he will learn more and
gain valuable experience from being over worled in a Sunderland team.
He will be dealing with great forwards EVERY week, so Sunderland is the
perfect place for him to hone his skills and master his trade :)
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