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Id go along with most of what people have said so far....
Surely Edwin is world class? I would have thought so....

Edwin, Ronaldo, Rio, Evra, Vidic, Rooney, Scholes, Tevez (debatable one)
Thats 8......Id have Hargo as very close and Anderson as a future world class player.

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I agree about Giggs btw.
But Tevez Im still not 100% sure that he is World Class.
great player and I love him but world class? I included him in the list as a yes,
but I have a few question marks is all....

So just the 8 then is it? No more than that anyone?

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^^^^^VDS is a legend and is most definitely World Class.
He has been for many a year. He won the European Cup with Ajax
donkeys years ago, has been performing heroics in the Prem for years
for Fulham and now United (2001-present).
He has over 120 caps for Holland which is astonishing.
All this season he has come up with wonder saves and without making
many mistakes if even any at all.

Yes his kicking has been suspect at times, certainly against Barcelona....
but over 180 mins against one of the most attack minded teams in the world
how many goals did he let in??
Exactly ;-)

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I was talking about current world class players.....
Ok I went off the beaten track a bit there but there is no denying that
Edwin is STILL World Class.
To me he is as solid and agile as ever. Fair enough his kicking has waned
somewhat but it hasnt cost us, so wheres the problem?

Anyone else have a view on Vds? World class or not? (at this point in time)

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Dynamite said:

:eek: No Rio?

rubberdecky83 said:
Anyone who saw the Arsenal game would appreciate that VDS is still world class. True his kicking has been poor of late but even the great Schmeichel had a few weak ones. I disagree that the defence bail him out, am sure Wes and Rio would disagree as well.

People take a lot of his work for granted, his positional work is exceptional and I would pick him ahead of every other Prem keeper including Cech.

As a fellow keeper though, I understand well that it is a thankless task and i'm barely half as good as VDS :)
Good call Decky.... VDS still has it :)

So can we agree on this list?


and a shout out to Anderson, Hargo and Carrick ;)

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eoininho said:
Carrick... ????? I don't believe a player who would struggle to get into Villa's midfield can have any hope of ever being regarded as WORLD CLASS!
I think he has been consistent this season but his form in recent
weeks has been quite poor.
Thats not MY list as such, but just what others in this thread have mentioned.
Id have Hargo before Carrick.
Anyway the bit at the end was a shout out. I wasnt including them in the
World class bracket.(yet)

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red devil jeff said:
VanDer Sar world class........ okay i can live with that, after all he is OUR player:D. Have to agree with decky, goalkeepers are unfortunately under-appreciated. Guess i've been a bit harsh on VDS. One more thing, isn't is a bit too early to call Anderson as world class?
Of course its too early to call Anderson world class.
Note the list I had at the bottom (Hargo, carrick and Anderson)
I HAVENT put them in the World class bracket. I just gave them an
honourable mention.
For me, Anderson is a future World class player. Give him a couple of years. :)

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scott 4 evra said:
I've never seen a post where i disagree with everything said until now. Do people forget that Ronaldo is top scorer in the Champions League. His performances in big games aren't as good as they could be but how Rooney is a world class player and Ronaldo isn't is crazy. Rooney has not been that great this season, I think Tevez has been better in all honesty. If Ferdinand is not world class then no defender will be.
Spot on Scott, great post.

-zuco- said:
I can't believe some of these posts. We're apparently
the best team in the world but we only have two world
class players? I find that hilarious and baffling at the same time.
Its a topic that divides many. I think its down to the definition of
'world class'.

I more or less agree with your list of players. Id add Edwin to it though.
Id say we have a good 7/8 world class players if Im being honest.
I define world class as being able to get in ANY team in the world.
Therefore Vidic, Rio, Evra, Ronaldo, Vds are a shoe in.
Id add Rooney and Tevez to that. Scholes is still a world beater
(2 Barca games for eg) hargo would have a say as well.

Its all down to our interpretation of it though. There are no right and wrong
answers here.

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Yeah it would be interesting to hear from a neutral.
I know we have a pool fan on here and safc of course.
Think there's also a Villa fan lurking so we need to hear from you guys......
So jump on in and join our discussion lads :)

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Some great points by Dwarf, Dlan and Jeff on this page.
I doubt the Ronnie argument will ever go away until he scores in a major
final or performs some ridiculous heroics. Im a big critic of Ronaldo's and will be
quick to call out his flaws, but he HAS to be World Class no matter what anyone
says. Just the 40 goals should be enough reason in anyones book.

Yes he does go missing sometimes and he can infuriate the hell out of you,
but this guy keeps winning all the awards and getting into the top 3 in
Europe and World players of the year. He will surely be crowned World Player
next time round, so surely we can class him as a World beater.

Rio seems to be the ONLY player that everyone agrees on which is surprising.

Even the likes of Ronaldo, Rooney, Scholes, Evra, Vidic, Tevez etc....have
not been given the 'world class' tag by some members, which is surprising
to me in some ways but not in others.

Everyone differs on their views of 'World class' which is fair enough.

It makes for a good discussion none the less ;-)
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