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I'd agree that Tevez is debatable.

Rooney CAN be world class when he's on form but this season he definitely hasn't

been world class and it hasn't helped that Ronaldo's form has highlighted this.

Scholes for sure even though he's getting on, more so in his prime than now.

Hargreaves I probably haven't seen enough of but I'd say not this season at any

rate. Ferdinand and Vidic I'd say yes they rate as world class defenders to me.

Evra maybe, he's arguably the best left back around at present so I'd say yes.

Finally as for Ronaldo, I honestly can't say. I mean I know his premiership form is

unstoppable, his goal scoring never stops but for me a world class player has to

dominate a match and set the tempo. Ronaldo carves up opposition and shines

through a match but he doesn't set the pace or rhythm of a match. In his defense

it's not a wingers job to do that.

Still he doesn't lift the team as such. Scoring vital goals is important but he doesn't

set up vital pieces of play. A great quote says "The mark of a world class player is

that out of every 10 balls he receives, he passes 8 on and keeps 2 for himself".

It's about bringing other players into the game. Zidane definitely had it. These

days Ronaldo does seem to be doing that more. I don't know. Maybe he is.

Maybe my standards are too high but he still seems to disappear against tough

opposition. A world class player HAS to shine at the highest levels. I'll get back to

you all after EURO 2008. If Portugal win and Ronaldo scores a hat trick in the final

we'll call him world class, but maybe my standards are a little high. Just a little.:p

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red devil jeff said:
You said Evra is arguably the best left back and hence you call him world class. But you don't know Ronaldo is world class?

Tell me 3 right wingers who are better than him?

imo Ronaldo will get into any team in the world.

You say about his inability to shine in the big tournaments.

Who is the top scorer of the champions league?

Who was voted as the best young player in the last world cup?

Who is the top goal scorer for Portugal in the 2008 Euro qualifiers?
(Ronnie is actually the fourth top scorer in all of the 2008 Euro qualifiers)

There's only one answer and it's CRISTIANO RONALDO.
All your points are valid and I agree, but when I made my point about big games I

wasn't talking about say the Champions League as a whole. I know he's top

scorer but to be a world class midfielder I am holding him up to the likes of

Zidane, Kaka, Puskas, Keane & even, I dislike saying this, Viera.:( It doesn't

matter if he finishes up with 20 Champions League goals, world class means more

than raining in the goals. It means dictating play in a quarter final, in a semi final,

in a grand final itself.

When you look at the quarter finals Ronaldo scored twice against Roma, a very

respectable achievement but you would not say that he dominated. Aside from

the goals, tell me about Ronaldo's performance against Roma? Tell me about him

against Barca? On the 21st I hope that Ronaldo proves me wrong but I honestly

can't see him scoring from OPEN PLAY. A penalty maybe. If he does score from

open play I will offer a public to Red Devil Jeff and take back my harsh words. I

don't see it happening though.

Also I'm well aware of his EURO scoring record for the QUALIFIERS.

He disappeared for Portugal against Italy, though, it was Quaresma

who bagged their solitary goal. If he leads Portugal to victory, then we'll see.

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red devil jeff said:
Lol take it easy m8!:D
Hah!:D Sorry if I came across as a bit of a psycho. I just re read my post and I

realised it seemed pretty intense, considering my usual standards. As I was writing it I

was speaking matter of factly so don't take any offense. Consider this my humble


Oh yeah BTW I've revised my opinion, I was comparing Ronaldo to the wrong players. A play-maker he ain't. Still despite accepting your viewpoint I'm still clinging to my belief that he does need to shine more in big

games. Ronaldinho used to dictate play in big games and he's a winger of sorts. So once more I'm not usually agro, I swear it was the bold font! I'll never use bold again!:D
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