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Well guess everyone will agree with Ronaldo. Then there's Rooney. Rio Ferdinand is definetly a world class defender and so is Vidic. I don't know if we can call Evra 'world class' but i can't think of a lot of left backs better than him either, that makes him one of the best and i think Tevez is wordclass too. Thats about it i think

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Jazz 16 said:
I agree about Giggs btw.
But Tevez Im still not 100% sure that he is World Class.
great player and I love him but world class? I included him in the list as a yes,
but I have a few question marks is all....

So just the 8 then is it? No more than that anyone?
Well if you consider Tevez as debatable, then isn't Van Der Sar also a debatable one? I've not been impressed with his kicking. Especially against Barcelona, his kicking was woeful. Also i think Van Der Sar is fortunate to be protected by one of the best defences in the world.

About more world class players, i would think hargreaves can be labelled as world class maybe. Also i think Carrick is very under-rated.

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Jazz 16 said:
^^^^^VDS is a legend and is most definitely World Class.
He has been for many a year. He won the European Cup with Ajax
donkeys years ago, has been performing heroics in the Prem for years
for Fulham and now United (2001-present).
He has over 120 caps for Holland which is astonishing.
All this season he has come up with wonder saves and without making
many mistakes if even any at all.

Yes his kicking has been suspect at times, certainly against Barcelona....
but over 180 mins against one of the most attack minded teams in the world
how many goals did he let in??
Exactly ;-)
Uh....... i thought you were talking about 'current' world class players:confused: . There's no question about what he's accomplished but surely, his best years are past him. If we're talking about players in the squad who were world calss, then definitely Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville deserves a mention.

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rubberdecky83 said:
Anyone who saw the Arsenal game would appreciate that VDS is still world class. True his kicking has been poor of late but even the great Schmeichel had a few weak ones. I disagree that the defence bail him out, am sure Wes and Rio would disagree as well.

People take a lot of his work for granted, his positional work is exceptional and I would pick him ahead of every other Prem keeper including Cech.

As a fellow keeper though, I understand well that it is a thankless task and i'm barely half as good as VDS :)
wow you're a keeper? pardon me for not knowing, but are you a professional goalkeeper?

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Jazz 16 said:
:eek: No Rio?

Good call Decky.... VDS still has it :)

So can we agree on this list?


and a shout out to Anderson, Hargo and Carrick ;)
VanDer Sar world class........ okay i can live with that, after all he is OUR player:D. Have to agree with decky, goalkeepers are unfortunately under-appreciated. Guess i've been a bit harsh on VDS. One more thing, isn't is a bit too early to call Anderson as world class?

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eoininho said:
I understand the mention... what I was saying was Carrick didn't even deserve a mention!!

Anderson, yes we hope a future genuine world class player, another Scholes hopefully
As i mentioned before, Carrick is one of the most under-rated United players. He was the spine of our midfield last season. Sure he doesn't score like Scholes does, he doesn't have the tenacity of Hargreaves or the flair of Anderson but he is one of the best passers of our team. He is the one who supplies ammunition to our attack, he is our playmaker, the heart of our midfield. He sits deep, makes intelligent interceptions and passes the ball to our attackers. To me, he is top notch.

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dlan4327 said:
I'd agree that Tevez is debatable.
Evra maybe, he's arguably the best left back around at present so I'd say yes.

Finally as for Ronaldo, I honestly can't say.

Maybe my standards are too high but he still seems to disappear against tough

opposition. A world class player HAS to shine at the highest levels. I'll get back to

you all after EURO 2008. If Portugal win and Ronaldo scores a hat trick in the final

we'll call him world class, but maybe my standards are a little high. Just a little.:p
You said Evra is arguably the best left back and hence you call him world class. But you don't know Ronaldo is world class?:confused:

Tell me 3 right wingers who are better than him?

imo Ronaldo will get into any team in the world.

You say about his inability to shine in the big tournaments.

Who is the top scorer of the champions league?

Who was voted as the best young player in the last world cup?

Who is the top goal scorer for Portugal in the 2008 Euro qualifiers?
(Ronnie is actually the fourth top scorer in all of the 2008 Euro qualifiers)

There's only one answer and it's CRISTIANO RONALDO.;)

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dlan4327 said:

All your points are valid and I agree, but when I made my point about big games I

wasn't talking about say the Champions League as a whole. I know he's top

scorer but to be a world class midfielder I am holding him up to the likes of

Zidane, Kaka, Puskas, Keane & even, I dislike saying this, Viera.:( It doesn't

matter if he finishes up with 20 Champions League goals, world class means more

than raining in the goals. It means dictating play in a quarter final, in a semi final,

in a grand final itself.

When you look at the quarter finals Ronaldo scored twice against Roma, a very

respectable achievement but you would not say that he dominated. Aside from

the goals, tell me about Ronaldo's performance against Roma? Tell me about him

against Barca? On the 21st I hope that Ronaldo proves me wrong but I honestly

can't see him scoring from OPEN PLAY. A penalty maybe. If he does score from

open play I will offer a public to Red Devil Jeff and take back my harsh words. I

don't see it happening though.

Also I'm well aware of his EURO scoring record for the QUALIFIERS.

He disappeared for Portugal against Italy, though, it was Quaresma

who bagged their solitary goal. If he leads Portugal to victory, then we'll see.

Lol take it easy m8!:D

Yes Ronaldo doesn't DICTATE play.

But in all honesty, thats not a winger's job.

An out an out striker doesn't dictatate play. Isn't RVN world class? But he doesn't dictate play.

Defenders don't dictate play. Isn't Rio Ferdinand world class? But he doesn't dictate play.

Goalkeepers don't dictate play. Isn't Petr Cech world class? But he doesn't dictate play.

My point is you don't have to dictate play to be world class.

Yes Zidane dictates play, Kaka dictates play, Paul Scholes dictates play even Roy Keane and Patrick Viera dictates play and they are all world class. But they are all midfielders, CENTRAL MIDFIELDERS, CREATIVE PLAYERS, PLAYMAKERS or PLAYBREAKERS.

Even Messi and Ronaldinho who play at the flanks dictate play because that is their game, their forte they are playmakers

Ronaldo is not a playmaker. He is an old fashioned winger. A winger tries tricks, uses his pace, beats his man, gets to the byline and pulls ball back. That, Ronaldo does wonderfully. He has more though.

Like Jazz said, everyone's perception of the word 'world class' differs. For me, a world class player needn't do everything, he doesn't always have to dictate play.

A world class player should carry out his role in the team wonderfully and he should be able to find a place in the CURRENT eleven. Which is why i believe Ronaldo is world class;)

Uh....... instead of the public, how about some vcash:D (naah, jus kiddin m8)
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