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Guess it won't be a bad idea to bump this old thread.
Grave digger. :p

I'd say Ferdinand and Ronaldo are World class.

Rooney shows World class form from time to time.

Scholes and Giggs in their prime were World class.
Ronaldo has gone. :bye2:

Ferdinand has barely played this season and when he has played he's made some horrendous errors.

Rooney has proved to be World class for me now. I would also have to add Evra to the list.

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Berbatov has never shown any signs of being World Class during his time at the club, he has his good months but to say that he has been World Class is pushing it.

Van der Sar's influence at the back is invaluable. Even though Kuszczak had a good run, it's no surprise that we hit top form when Van der Sar returned to playing in between the sticks.

Fletcher yes but Nani is a no-no, people were calling for his head three weeks ago.
mm, i think he has shown glimpses, maybe should have gone along with nani / fletcher, but i do love him, and how he plays, so maybe a bit bias there, fair play! :whistling:

Yes, he is very important to us! i think we need to find a replacement soon as pos!

Well, i've always loved nani, although he was frustrating, i've always seen glimpses of world class, not on an as regular basis as fletcher, but some of his footwork etc, is ronaldo-esque. but hopefully he's turned the corner now as he's looking up, lets hope he carries on improving and we see more of these flashes! :)

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Evra and Rooney are IMHO this seasons anyway the only world class players we have as Vidic and Rio have been injured alot and not as good as they were the previous seasons!But Rooney has been on another planet the last month and a half he is playing well and scoring goals something he wasn't doing at the start of the season,Meanwhile Evra is the best left full in the world so he doesn't need any explaining!

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Rooney and Evra for me are the only world class players. Fletcher, well improving loads, falls short of the world class bracket.

Ferdinand and Vidic, while still considered worldclass overall, i wouldnt consider putting their names for the fact that they have missed lots of games.

VDS arguably is world class, for the fact that he makes so much difference to our backline when he returned.

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How in gods name have you all forgot Johnny Evan s, I dont recall seing a player with his potential at that age.
His current ability for his age is sensational, Evans has got more world class potential than half the players mentioned.

Please.... VDS is a liability, Giggs is past it well put the owensy capable on his day.

The only world class players we have are Evra & Rooney, I beleive Hargreaves when fit can be classed as world class.
Anderson still i beleive has the potential, although that wont be with us by the looks of things.
We have been playing down the spat, but its quite clear to me that Ando's on the way out now.

Segio Canales the real deal, world class potential if ever i seen it, Racing Santanders 18 Year old Spanish star.
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