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Something to look out for....

Weathergirl set for naked forecast after France reach World Cup

French weather reporter Doria Tillier was so convinced that France were heading out of the World Cup after losing the first leg of their play-off with Ukraine 2-0, that she promised to present the forecast naked if they booked their place in Brazil.

She certainly didn't forecast France's 3-0 comeback at the Stade de France. Les Bleus became the first European team to overcome a two-goal first-leg deficit in a World Cup play-off to qualify for the finals courtesy of two goals from Mamadou Sakho and Franck Ribery.

While French fans celebrated in the Champs Elysees, 27-year-old former model Tillier was left to contemplate what is likely to be the most highly anticipated warm front of the year, having watched the drama unfold on Tuesday night.


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-Juanfran----Ramos----Pique----Jordi Alba-
-----Silva/Mata----Diego Costa-------Isco----

It could be Isco, Pedro, Navas, Iniesta there and Xavi instead of Iniesta, even Cesc instead of Isco and Xavi in his place.
It could also work with Busquets and Javi Martinez playing together with Cesc higher and Iniesta instead of Isco. SAme with Busquets and Xabi Alonso playing together. Thiago can play there, Koke can play there. If Villa gets the physical tone needed can play in the right. Pedro and Navas can play in both places. I don't know, there're endless options to work with. Really difficult to choose one being Del Bosque.

@Richie and @tomcoles Opinions?
That's a pretty good side but I'd like to see Del Bosque move away from 4-3-3 and move to a 4-2-3-1 simply because it's more attacking and they have plenty of number 10's they have at their disposal.


Juanfran Ramos Pique Alba

Busquets Fabregas

Silva Isco Iniesta

That's the side I'd like to see come next summer.

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What about Argentina?

Bookies have them tied with Germany as 2nd favourites.
I think South American teams are all really strong. And specially tough to beat.
Argentina, and argentinians in general are really tough to win... If Messi is on form, he's unstoppable, doesn't matter if they have a mediocre defensive line or midfield...
I think they'll sort their problems out... They need to do it, specially in midfield. But I wouldn't like to face them in a win or go home match, extremely dangerous and talented.

I also think Netherlands is one of the favorites, but doesn't convince me at all to win it. Neither does Germany. I know it's maybe crazy for some people to say that, but I don't see them winning it, in spite of being really really good.
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