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Keano! said:
Djemba Djemba

U seriuos? He was incredible for us! One of the unsung hero's of '99!
He certainly was. I remember the FA Cup semi final against Arsenal.
Blomquist was brought off and Giggs came on, Andy Gray said, "Alex
Ferguson has just weakened his team" :D Then Giggs went on to score THAT goal :p

Bue yeah good old Jesper was a great player for us.

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asaf cohen said:
saha..........he is an amazing player,just had a career of injuries. when he is in form and not injuried, he is very good ......
All in 3 game bursts too because he rarely lasts much longer
than that before hobbling off to the treatment table AGAIN !!!

Fair play to him though ... he is the first player I have ever
seen who got injured while warming up to come on as a sub

... now that made me roll around on the floor laughing my butt right off ... :D

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bryn_keeno said:

i think theres been worse than forlan saha veron...

still thinking myself

but how about ..chadwick proborsky. blomqest, blonc

He was an amazing player. Should of got him earlier in his career. He was only here to fill in the gap Stam left, until we found a long-term replacement.

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bryn_keeno said:
dont wont to be cruel to any player that has worn the jersey. but whats your worst 11 from the 90's to present

Bellion Dong

Djemba-Djemba Kleberson Chadwick

Spector Prunier


Gotta go meet my fiancee....will be back to complete the 11.

Forlan scored against Chelsea and Liverpool, so doesn't make it into the all-time worst 11 for me.

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Couldn't think of the last three players anybody ideas???

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this is one of those perennial summer threads and has been answered many times in the past. We have had a fair few duff players over the years but do not forget one thing; the players were good before they came, its OT nerves that get to them; they cannot mentally handle the atmosphere of playing for United, we are, after the biggest club on the planet ;)

Neil Webb, international, super player, could not handle the nerves. Birtles, prolific scorer for Forest, couldn't do it. Many others, same result.

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Anyone else remember and Goram? We signed him on loan from Motherwell I think it was towards the end of 2000/2001 season and he was awful :eek:. I was going to go with Taibi but thought I would be different, plus I do remember him making one good save against Liverpool to deny Vladimír Šmicer.

I didn't include Forlan because of the important goals he scored for us, or Blanc because we never really expected him to be a world beater at his age, but just someone to replace Jaap Stam for a season or two until we found someone else.
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