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Because I'm DC said:
Cantona's a kind of larger-than-life character, which Berbatov isn't and probably won't be, so in that respect no, but on the pitch, with just the elegance and stature I'd say I would compare them.
Well said DC. Look at Berbatov today at Saints. He is running the show just like Cantona did.
Berbatov will improve as the season goes on cos he is a class footballer and he will
justify his 30m price tag. And as for this lazy tag??!! I think its unwarranted.
Ok he doesnt peg it about like a Rooney or a Tevez but he still puts in a shift
more often than not. We need him scoring and creating and not defending as such.
Cantona was the same, he never did a whole load of defending. Its not their job.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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