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Copies mate.

But saying that i've bought about a dozen different
shirts from there, all top quality, you can't tell any difference
and the delivery times are often quicker than what's stated.

I ( and others) have posted the link on here quite a few times.

Know loads of others who have bought from them,
seen lots of other forums where bestway has been
talked about and can honestly say i've not seen or
heard one single complaint or bad word said.

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Hezzy said:
I went on this website and just clicked on the Manchester United home shirt just for a look.

I am sure that says £8. And it looks real.

Is it a fake or is that a real bargain?
Cheers for the heads-up! Just ordered the Home shirt. Even thought they're copies, for £14 delivered you can't grumble. :cool:

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i know this thread is really old, but i was wandering if anyone could help me on the name and number box. Is it literally as simple as putting your name and the number next to it, or is there another way. really don't want to mess this up lol
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