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superguy said:
I apologise if my email was a bit harsh, don't get me wrong he is a good player. But for the money we would have to pay there are better options. However, to say that Yakubu is better than Owen is incorrect in my opinion. Yakubu has not played for a MEGA club and proved himself at the highest level. Owen scored tons of goals for Liverpool, has won european trophies and is close to being Englands highest ever scorer. He also consistenly scored for Real Madrid when he was given a run of games. He has had injury problems since he joined Newcastle but he is over them now, his movement and sharpness to get into goal scoring positions is back and once he gets a bit more confidence he will start knocking in those chances. Also his contract is up at the end of next season so if Newcastle do not sell at the end of this season he will walk away for nothing at the end of next season. So we will get him for a great price, if you offer them a player in exchange we may not have to pay anything. When I mentioned Derbyshire I was talking about potential not the finished product, you cannot deny that he has great potential. Doyle was fantastic last year, he has not scored as many this year because Reading lost the main creative force in there midfield Steve Sidwell. I believe he can acheive again what he did last season in a team that is creating lots of chances.
Just because we have disagreed on this Jazz 16, I still believe you deserve a payrise for your excellent work. And apologies to manutdman if I was over critical.
Good on ya mate, that is very big of you...I applaude you
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