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Nah, w need the 'old' boys....
They have been there and done in and have the medals to prove it.
You say Scholes has been off the pace since the Pompey game...
but that was just 2 games.....For a man that has been so consistent his entire career you have to allow him time to regain his match fitness. He did miss 3 months or so through a knee injury.

Neville in my mind WILL be back and he will be as effective as he once was.
He is our captain and a leader on the pitch and will be vital to our success on all fronts this season.

As for Giggs, you may have a point to some degree....
He has looked off the boil this season but he deserves more chances.
He has earned that right imo.
I just want him to go on and break Sir Bobby's record and win his 10th and hopefully 11th(to match his jersey number) Premiership medals.

I see the thought behind your thread Carly but I feel these 3 still have lots to offer for this season and beyond. Their experience and quality will shine through.

If things start to get worse for these 3 as the season wears on and into next season, Then maybe we can start thinking of the unthinkable (dropping them)

Lets be positive though, these 3 are virtually legends, who still play, which is practically unheard of.
Long live the 'Old Boys'
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