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1. You think any game can be won in the last 2 minutes

2. You cannot play football with your collar down

3.You think making things hard for yourself is a standard way of doing things

4. A great dane, Welsh Wizards and Calypso have everything in common

5. You hate everything to do with Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool

6. You know what the meaning of the word "treble" is.

7. You know what and where the Theatre of Dreams is located

8. You are accustomed to and enjoy watching "Guard of Honors"

9. You can predict the step over patterns of Cristiano Ronaldo.

10. When you know who Wazza and Vida are

11. Football is not football if Manchester United are NOT playing.

12. Believe that we're still going to win the league even if we were 12 points down, with four games to go.

13. Have a closet full of Manchester United's jerseys.

14. you wake up at 4am in the states after a night of drinking having had only 2 hours of sleep to watch united play live......... against Watford

15. if ever watching a match as a neutral, you find a united connection and support that team.

16. during the summer competitions (Euro, world cup) you hope the countries in which players from united represent do poorly so they can get more rest for the season.

17. you know that if the team is doing poorly at halftime, you must change something you are doing in order to help with the comeback.

18. when you pick out colors for anything, red black and white are always what you push it a blanket, sweater, or wedding.

19. and given the number....if you see the number want to add legend on the end.

20. Going behind in a match never seems like a major problem

21. England football loses the little importance it ever had. United > England!

22. United is THE United and can be said without "Man" in the presence of Newcastle, West Ham, Sheffield, etc. etc. fans

23. You first look for man utd on any football game

24. The team has to be changed in order to be exactly the same as the one in real life

25. you love being on hold trying to get through to the ticket office etc as they always play audio replays from 1999!!

26. You worship a select few gods by the names of Scholes, Neville, Giggs, Rooney, Ronaldo, etc

27. You know more about the youth squad than most other fans know of their clubs first teams

28. you can be asked a number of a player by someone and be able to name them all, and if the number is vacant, name the last player to use the number

29. you call them Man United, Manchester United, United, the Reds, The Babes... but never Man U

30 Your cell phone's ring is a famous united song or player chant

31. 2/3rds of your time on the computer is based on united... i.e. orkut, espn, soccernet,, football manager, etc

32. You still hate Leeds, even though they're 2 leagues down and most people don't know who they are

33. You spontaneously come up with chants in front of the TV, much to the delight of the people watching it with you

34. You cancel your classes when they interfere with matches.

35. May 26th is a holiday regardless of what is happening.

36. your run up the wall in your living room yelling with your Man Utd shirt on after Wayne Rooney scores that goal at Old Trafford to beat Milan 3-2 in the CL semi's

37. When you cannot watch the game, your friends know to sms you every 5mins to keep you up to date

38. When walking across the quad on campus and you spot someone wearing a Liverpool shirt, you call them a dirty scouser

39. you have a 10 pg paper due at 7 pm, its 12 pm and you have only written 2 pages so far, but you drop everything to watch/ listen to internet commentary of United's match.

40. you have a 3 hour final at 12, but you finish it as quickly as possible to get out of there in time to catch a United game starting at 1. The only thing running through your mind during the exam is the possible score line/ and the scorers at that point in the game. Even if the exam was awful, you feel on top of the world upon seeing a score line where United won.

41. you say a little prayer for him every time you hear the name 'ole gunnar solskjaer'

42. no matter how ****ty your day is going, watching video clips of the CL 99 final always makes you feel better.

43. the Fergie 4-4-2 is your only way to play football, even though he switches it himself

44. Your favorite player's last name is another way to say ass... no club can say that

45. You know the staff more than the players

46. No matter what the money's really for, when you see united merchandise, that money is immediately spent

47.When refering to Manchester (the city), you always make sure to say "The City of Manchester" to avoide saying "Manchester City."

48. You live your life based on Eric Cantona's philosophy and use his quotes constantly on essays.

49. You're asked (or in ignorance told) that "AIG" or "Vodafone", and even less recently "Sharp", if they 'rule'..

50. you think darren fletcher and john o'shea are class

51. When United's having good "fortunes", you say the teams in a "Quinton"

52. You have read the autobiography of Roy Keane and try to apply its priciples to your own life.

53 You know 1966 was a great year for english football.... eric was born

54. you laughed at that bayern munich bloke crying after the game in 99

55.. You scream for ten minutes straight when united snatch the points at the death at anfield. Waking up your girlfriend and host, and ruining your relationship with both.

56. When your best friend says in a pick up game that he is Frank Lampard, you call him FAT FRANK! everytime he gets the ball, or storm off, depending on if united are leading the table.

57. You curse like a sailor when united are losing. or when united are tied. or when they have a slender lead.

58. United 4 Everton 2 was the greatest thing that ever happened during exam week.

I found this very interesting post on another forum and liked to share with you'll.I do not take any credit for these posts.Add some more of your own into the list.

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46 Posts're born in Manchester?

Interesting points and fun to read. Don't agree with the non significance of England though. Winning a World Cup would surpass anything at club level. Just imagine the scenes in the local pubs... The wonder of international football is that you can cheer the same team with your friends that support Chelsea Arsenal & Liverpool. Everyone in the building is going for the same result and share the same dreams and ultimately (for England) disappointments.

Shouldn't tarnish all Utd fans with that brush. Some of us still love England and international football. Its that attitude that I hate in other fans...

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You kno your a United fan when you find yourself posting on football forums about te club and enjoying the banter along with everyone else...hammering the rival clubs into the ground....

It had to be said! ;)

Great list BTW ;)

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rrahulparekh said:
1. You think any game can be won in the last 2 minutes.
Two games come to mind.

United v Stoke (way back); united losing 2 mins to go and won
United v Chelsea (approx 1974) United losing 2-0 with 2 mins to go, and drew 2-2. As often quoted, "it ain't over, till its over!"

and of course

May 1999 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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