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McClaren inherited a side who were major championship quarter-finalists and turned them into a side who struggled to beat Andorra away. We were quite simply dreadful under McClaren and some of his tactical decisions (e.g. instead of bringing on Hargreaves at 2-2 against Croatia he dropped Defoe into central midfield) still annoy me today.

When Capello took over England were a shambles and completely devoid of confidence. It took him a while but now the confidence is back and we are playing like a team (not 11 inidividuals) again.

England have good players - they just need a coach who can get the best out of them. I do not think they are World beaters though and would be happy enough for us to reach the quarter-finals of the World Cup again. However, there is an aura about Capello and it just makes you believe that he could be the man to take England even further. Whether that's the semi's, the final or World Cup winners only time will tell.
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