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simonhla said:
I honestly believe that Anderson will become one of the most important signings for years to come for United. Many people see him as a forward player but I think he has shown remarkable adeptness in his short career to play much deeper. He has a credible workrate which people do not give him credit for and is not afraid of a tackle, a point perfectly illustrated by his brief cameo on Tuesday.

This season we have begun to see the interminable decline of United legend Paul Scholes. Undoubtedly the ginger wizard still has much to contribute but United seem to be lacking a a driving creativity from the middle of the park. Putting Carrick and scholes together is currently looking very one dimensional with neither regularly venturing upfield.

Anderson I believe is the perfect fit for the centre of the park and eventually combining him with the workaholic Hargreaves will give united a perfect blend in defence and attack. I am sure that Anderson not only has the all round flair and ability to suceed in this role but he also has the grit and stamina. I for one am excited by the future.
Very nice post. I agree except for the part about Scholes' decline. He may be suffering a slight lack of form but as AC9 said he will be back to his best once Hargreaves is back and injury free. Anderson might now be given his chance with both Carrick and OH out for about a month. Anyone know when Fletch is back by the way. I just hope the injuries dont start racking up.
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