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Anderson Luís de Abreu Oliveira. So his recent preformances has been nothing special but one forgets how hard it can be for a new player. The culture, language, style of play and weather is very different to what Anderson has played in before.

The fact that he has only played in a few games, you can't be expected to turn Ronaldinho over night.

Anderson has dribbling ability, skills and speed to be magic and score great goals.
He is not at United for nothing because he is something and one of these days he will do something special and you will see a different light !

I watched games of him at Oporto making class runs against the likes of Benfica and Sporting Lisbon. I have seen him play a fair few times for Porto enough to say he is quality and he will only get better.

Give him some time and have a little faith! You'll see!

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I hope Anderson is slowly convincing anybody who had their doubts. His past few performances have been excellent, esp. against Kiev. I have alot of faith in Anderson and always has done, maybe it is paying off! There is still alot to come from Anderson ... watch this space!

Look what the cat more like me dragged in!

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