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Man Utd FC has give us all joy and excitement for the last two decades which has provided us with unforgettable memories on the way and i think this Forum really helps us remember that as well.

For me i have many but the most satisfying memory was the 1999 UCL Final. I was in the pub with non Man Utd supporters and i had a 10 pound bet with three guys and they were absolutely loving it when the final whistle was just 2 minutes away.

THEN the U Turn came and when we scored in the last 2 minutes i F in went crazy, never felt so much excitement and joy. It was like i was in heaven. One out of the three lads gave me my money and the other two just ignored me that night trying to sink away from the drowning embarrassment. I never liked those two anyway and they didn't like me. But at the end of the day its only fun and its only football, i realized that day like someone said football is not a matter of life and death.

That is why the UCL Final 1999 really reminds me, just enjoy it but nothing more nothing less.

Some memorable games:
Man Utd vs Barca 3-3 1999

UCL 1999 Final
Man Utd vs Bayern 2-1 1999

Man Utd vs Arsenal 2-1 2008

Juventus vs Man Utd 2-3

FA Cup
Man Utd vs Arsenal 2-1 1999

Rooneys debut

FA Cup Final
Man Utd vs Liverpool 1-0 1996

Kung Fu Kick - Seagles

Roy Keane vs Haaland

UCL Final
Man Utd vs Chelsea

Beckham Half Way Line Goal vs Wimbledon

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blondedevil said:
Does everyone remember that nasty tackle against Haaland years ago by Roy Keane???

Not a great Man Utd victory memory or anything like that, but still a memory for me.
If you're talking horror tackles/injuries the one that sticks in my mind is David Buust. An horrific double leg break. I can still vividly see the pictures of his leg.

As for the thread subject, the last 2 minutes of the 1999 Champions League Final will stand out in everybody's mind. VDS's penalty save in the 2008 Champions League Final is another one.

Although Cantona's winner in the 1996 FA Cup Final against Liverpool was also a great moment.

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My Memories :

The 7-1 v Roma ! The Lads were brilliant. Excellent play

The UCL Final - 2008 - Was up all night !

Losing to Milan in CL in 2007 - felt very bad...:(

Some Great comebacks etc .... which happens a lot at Man United.....

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Even though it didnt lead to a trophy win,the 4-0 drubbing of the goonies last year was immense.The 99 final goes without saying,and Viva JT's slip will always be in my heart (Cheers JOHNNY BOY YOU ****NEY FLUMP!)The Beckham halfway line goal,The Great Danes double off the line save against Juventus,Cantona (everything he did!!)Theres too many to mention!!!Great thread btw

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Greatest moment in United history:

1968 European Cup win.

Greatest United moment I have witnessed:

Champions League win in 1999.

Great United moments of recent times:

4-0 win over Arsenal last season.
2-4 win over Arsenal in 2003-04 coming back from 2-1 down.
5-3 win over Tottenham.
0-1 win over Liverpool when O'shea scored.
6-1 win over Arsenal in 2001 I think.
3-2 win over Milan two seasons back.
7-1 win over Roma.
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