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Your favourite goal "against" us, last season?

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Last year, we picked up another Premier League title, but the team is human and they did concede goals, albeit not many.

Of the ones we did let in........:p ...which was your favourite? There must have been at least one which you thought was a great goal! ;)

Mine: Everton's second at Goodison when we came back to win 4-2. Ehh.......Fernandes' goal was brilliant, IMO. Got free from the defence, seemed to jiggle his foot behind him and smashed a thunderous strike beyond Van Der Sar. I had to sit back and say, "What a goal!":eek:
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Henry's a few years back when he flicked it up a volleyed it in, i hate him and the scum but have to put hands up was a good goal.
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