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Pick players past or present to play alongside YOU in your fantasy team.
You can pick anyone you like, whether they are United players, your favourite
players, your heroes or just anyone you would love to have in your team.
You can give reasons for your selection if you like.

Knock yourself out! :)

My team:





Schmeichel-Best keeper ever. Id love him to scream at me :D

Irwin-Irish and United legend. Mr reliable has gotta be in my team.
Jazz-Savage player. Would form a formidable partnership with big Paul McGrath.:p
McGrath-Irish legend and one of the most gifted players to ever play the game.
Edwards-Legend! Out of position on the left but is so good he could play anywhere.
Would love to play in the same team as him to see just how amazing he really was.

Best-Genius. Only downfall is that he would never pass you the ball ;)
Keane-My hero, best all round midfielder ever. Nuff said.
Zidane-Class act. One of my fave all time players. Its like he had hands on his feet...
Messi-Would have to play with this kid. You just know he will go down as one of the greatest ever.

Cantona-God has to be on the team. Playing in a team with him would be better than every Christmas coming together.
Maradona-The best player to ever play the game. Ill never forget his game vs England in '86 :p

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----------Maradonna----Van Basten--------

Schmeichel-What a Keeper. No one else comes near.
Irwin- Will never let you down and is great from set-pieces
Me- Fantastic leader and is widely recognised as the greatest centre-half of all time
Beckenbauer-Absolutely rock-solid
Maldini-Has been at the top of World football for years. The undisputed greatest left back of all time IMO
Best-Fantastic. Could beat anybody with the ball
Keano-The greatest captain I have ever saw. Never gives up and demands perfection in everything and not afraid to speak his mind. My hero and an absolute legend
Cruyff-A genius with the ball and gave the World total football.
Brady-Fantastic left foot and could pass with pin point accuracy
Maradonna-Rivalling me for best player of all time. Genius and he single handedly won the world cup and beat England:). LEGEND
Van Basten-Could score from any angle and won loads of individual and team accolades. His career was cut short. He could have gone on to be the best ever

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Abo Vidic Stam Irwin

Scholes Keane

Best Giggs

Andy Cole Cantona

Schmeichel : God i would just love to stand near him plus its an honour to play with him

Abo : Hot tough strong with a great attitude who plays with passion and gives 100% for the team, skill less when it comes to attacking but he can burn the field running and chasing the ball superb workrate
Vidic : Tough strong reliable just like me but hes way too taller :( :p
Stam : Imagine me Vidic and Stam, 3 though hot men :cool:
Irwin : I just needed a medium tall player cuz the others are too tall :D

Scholes : Who don't want to play with the little fella!
Keane : When it comes to a fight hes my first choice to protect me :p
Best : Pele pile of crap, Maradona drug dealer in the shadow of Escobar Gallardo, George Best, but i hate the fact the Best will take the girls from me everyday :( :p
Giggs : One word LEGEND

Andy Cole : Hes Andy Cole need i say more :D
Cantona : He raises his collar as i do :p

i wanted to add Yorke Rooney Ferdinand Sheringham and Solskjaer but no were to put them in :(

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Manager: Sir Matt Busby

Shemichael - Best keeper of all time and he's a Manutd legend.

Baresi - One of the best CB's ever, so he could cover any mistake that I make.

Maldini - Probably the greatest legend still playing. it would be an honour to play with him.

Best - To play with the most talented player ever would be a dream.

Keane - He could keep all the superstars on there toes. Plus I wanna see him in person berate another teammate to try and encourage them.

Edwards - If I play with him then that must mean I see a lot of him.

Charlton - I have more respect for him than I do anyone else. IMO he's our greatest ever legend (for the players).

Garrincha - I wanna see how quick he truly is with those weird legs of his.

Cantona - Speaks for itself really.

Maradona - Best player ever. Imagine watching him as a teammate on the pitch:eek:

Sir Matt Busby - I have a good idea of what Fergie is like, so I would like to see more of Sir Matt.

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Cafu Vidic Hezzy Carlos

Beckham Keane Giggs


Solskjaer Cantona​

Foster - In my opinion has a big future ahead of him if he can stay fit.
Cafu - Fast as lighening... Never tires.
Vidic - Ruthless,, lets nothing through.
Hezzy - Not dirty, just clumsy. Is liable to give away penaltys.
Carlos - If he can produce a free-kick again like he did in France 98,, it would be worth him being in the team.
Beckham - Would love to see him and Carlos fight over a free-kick.
Keane - Fit to captain any side.
Giggs - Absolute magic.
Messi - The little boy wonder. Can create something out of nothing.
Solskjaer - My all time hero. What a legend.
Cantona - The coolest man to ever walk the earth.

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Schmeichel: Great goaly, All ways gives %100, produces wonderfull saves.
Irwin:A united legend, will never let the team down.
Vidic: A very tough cookie, puts his body on the line, always wants to have a go!
Rio: A great defender, scores alot to :p. Has the makings of a great captain.
R.Carlos: One of the best full backs ever! A legend! He has great free kicks, and really helps the team.
Beckham: A goal from half way, TWICE 1 for Utd 1 for LA. Very good team effort, great free kicks.
Scholes: Another strong cookie! Nothing is impossible for Scholes!
Keane: A legend. As said in someones sig: "Going to work is going to war" and keane is always ready to step up to the challege.
Messi: Has great moral, great team effort. A whiz kid, A legend in the making!
Cantona: A expert with the ball, a awsome player.
Maradona: Great player, dribbles quick, knows what he's doing.

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My team:

---------------------Rene Higuita------------------

Cafu------Spelly---F Canavarro------P Maldini

Garrincha ----------Roy Keane--------- Giggs


---------Cantona ©---------Arthur Friedenreich

Higuita When we're going to win every game we might win it in style. Scorpio save anyone?
Cafu Won the WC a trillion times. He'll find us the way to the podium.
Spelly Got his place in this team coz he's with the manager's daughter. First to be subbed?
Canavarro Winning in style, was it. Fab Fabio do it in style and was doing it well.
Maldini Since Paolo never retires he shows the passion for the game. And he's a world legend
Carrincha If it wasn't for Pele the ‘little bird' would be known as the best ever. He keep the ball while we other getting a breather. You couldn't take the ball away from him when he was on the ball.
Keane We need someone to look after us stars. And we're scared to play against him so we have him at our team instead.
Giggs Manager wanted professionalism into the team so Giggsy was the only option. United legend
Maradona Ok its overkill to have Maradona in the team too. But he's the best when it comes to playing the game.
Cantona There's only one captain. With Eric on the pitch a game never goes boring.
Friedenreich 1 239 goals in 1 329 matches says it all. Only Pele scored more but there was no shirt for Pele.

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Schmeichel:Consult the footage from the 1999 FA Cup semi-final replay to see one of the many reasons why he was the best the world's ever seen.
Irwin: Phenomenal work-rate brilliant from set-pieces.
Maldini: Nothing new can be said about this legend.
Stam: The rock behind the treble.
Fachetti: Founder of the modern fullback position, Le Grande Inter's finest player.
Keane: God in football boots.
Best: The greatest player of all time. Best by name, Best by nature.
Zidane:A Magician, plain and simple.
Giggs: He walks right in here, its not even worth thinking of someone else.
Cantona: No one has ever impacted a team the way he impacted United.
Piazza:Someone has to look good whilst finishing everyone else's creative magic.

Team Sheet:
1 Schmeichel
2 Irwin
3 Fachetti
4 Maldini
5 Stam
6 Keane (C)
7 Best
8 Zidane
9 Piazza
10 Cantona
11 Giggs

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Schmeichel = Arguably the greatest keeper of all time? Awesome player and you
need a strong keeper to give the back and midfield confidence to push up

Keano! = I always fancied myself as a right back TBH. I play full-back in Gaelic
football, and love a tackle! Coupled with a fair pace and strength, I'd do a solid
job! (lol)

Ferdinand = Has a lapse or two, but he's a brilliant player in all areas. A must
have defender for me!

Irwin = Mr. reliable, eh? Great asset for any team and so cool and collected in his

Messi = What a player! Dribble, pass, shoot, quick, amazing touch, or in other
words everything you'd want in a player! Awesome talent!

Charlton = Epic player. Love watching old clips of his, and boy would I love to be
in a side with someone who possess a shot like he did! Also a very neat and tidy
passer which you need in the center of the field

Zidane = Another great. Pity his career ended the way it did, but I don't think he
could ever be better then he was. He's high up on Real's all time greatest player
list I'm sure

Keane = I shouldn't have to explain why TBH. Ok, I will in three words, Passion,
Determination, Character

Kaka = Wonderful to watch whilst at his best. In some ways very similar to Messi,
but has something more to me. Always seems to be in complete control. Great
finisher too

Rooney = He's the modern great player for me now. He will become one of the
greatest players ever presuming he keeps on doing what he's doing and at such
a young age, he still has room to improve! My favourite current player

Best = I don't think anyone can/has/will ever score goals with such ease and
calmness. The ball was attracted to him and he told it where to go, in the back of
the net!

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ahh - here it goes

lav jasin

j. zantetti maldini stam r.carlos


Best ___________________________ Giggs


Batistuta v. Nistelrooy

jasin - the best keeper ever - having him on goal would mean that i have a full freedom for my dribblings

javier zanetti - what to say - a true role model and on of the best right-backs ever

maldini - search under "zanetti"

stam - he would add that fear factor into me, but most probably his presence would allow me to express myself just like jasin's

r.carlos - i'd simply love to have this speedy wingback in my team - he always seem to smile

redondo - one of the best dmf's in the history of sport - a true proffesional and a great man

best - hmmm - not the smart choice coz he would probably overshadow me with his skills but hey - it would be fun to play alongside him . i wouldn't stop laughing

giggs - the best left wing ever -period.

batistuta+ruud - i adore them...they would benefit from my passings


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Schemeichel- Imo the best keeper ever.

Vidic- Just have such respect for this guy. He is the best defender in the Premiership in my eyes.

Maldini- No much to say, if you don't rate this guy you haven't a clue.

Cannavaro- Another simply sublime player.

Keane- Keano! Keano! Keano!

Zidane- In my eyes, the best player I have ever had the pleasure to watch. Guy had it all.

Messi/Ronaldo- Two of the best players I have ever seen also. If they can keep going like they are the'll be up their with the best of all-time.

Kaka- Another player that I love to watch. Astounding in his prime.

Cahill- Those who know me will know my adoration for Timmy Cahill. One of my favourite players ever. Just have huge respect and admiration for the guy. The heart and determination he shows when playing are something I just respect.

Larsson- My hero. Simple as.

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GK - Peter Schmeichal - the greatest goalkeeper I've ever seen
DL - Paolo Maldini - an absolute legend of the game
DC - reddwarf - where I used to play for my school team
DC - Duncan Edwards - I'd love to have seen him play
DR - Gary Neville - love his passion and consistency
ML - Ryan Giggs - United club legend
MC - Paul Scholes - one of my all-time favourite players
MC - Bobby Charlton - United & England legend
MR - George Best - United club legend
ST - Eric Cantona - United club legend
ST - Mark Hughes - used to pretend to be him in the playground

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I cant believe only one person has mentioned Cr7... Disgraceful. Mine:
Me Vida Cannavaro Maldini


Ronaldo ----------Best------------Giggs

Schmeichel: Absolute legend. Saved Utd abour 8-10 definite goals every season. Some of his saves were just absolutely unnatural to tell the truth. Definitely the greatest keepere I have ever seen in my lifetime by a country mile.
Me: I'm great.
Vidic: The man behind our current record. The terminator in disguise. Probably the best centre back in world football at the moment as well.
Cannavaro: Some elegance alongside the monster himself. What can I say about him ????? Well, I think the fact that he's a defender and has won the Ballon d'Or highlights it all
Maldini: Will be Evra in 10 years time I think. But this guy is just the absolute master of fullbacks I think. His illustrious career shows everything you need to know about Maldini. The Ryan giggs of Left backs
Georgie Best: Well, what can I say. A ******* magician. And Yes I have seen him play, I have watched everythong available on this absolute gem of a player. Would have undoubtedly been the greatest player of all time if it wasn't for his problems.
Roy Keane: My favourite player of all time, full stop.
Cristiano: The most naturally gifted player of our era. How his talent can be overlooked is beyond me....
Ryan Giggs: The most loyal servant to the red shirt in the history of the club. It would be an absolute pleasure to play along Giggs at any time during his career, from Wing wizard to midfield maestro...
Cantona: Absolute charismatic legend. His skill and bizarreness wins me over.
Henry: Probably my favourite ever player outside of Utd. He was just an amazing player. Twice the playyer RVN was, he provided both goals and assists and quite simply, I loved the guy whether he was a gooner or not.
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