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i think he's been brilliant so far. No wonder Pompey are the best away team in the league when they have a rock in the midfield that provides them to play more attacking minded players. He gives them that extra dimension that Essien gives to Chelsea, and Hargreaves to us. I was backing us up to have a bid on him - especially as I thought Hargreaves was a bit expensive ( he's paid a lot off in every match he's played , but his injuries start to frustrate me more than Saha's considering he's been A LOT more expensive ) . Anyway - I think he's a great player that could do well in any team

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I really rate Muntari. He is a quality player.
Speed, strength, aggression, skill......he has it all.
And the 2 goals he scored against Newcastle(I think) were out of this world.
Definitely 2 of the best goals this season.
This guy is a real athlete and has done great at Pompey.
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