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*Still Playing*

in order
  • Berbatov
  • Nedved / Del Piero
  • Huntelaar
  • Koller / Petric
  • Pogrebnyak
  • Melvisky
  • Nesmachniy
  • Villa
  • Cech
  • Ibrahimovic
Andy Cole And Yorke Are Out Of My List Cuz For Me They Still Play For Manchester United :)

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Top 10 who are still playing

1. Messi
2. Kaka
3. Benzema
In that order!

In no particular order:
4. Torres
5. Ramos
6. Rossi
7. Giovinco
8. Huntelaar
9. Ronaldinho

Homourable mentions:

If you guys haven't seen Sebastian Giovinco, you must check him out. Devestating ball control ala Messi

There are several videos of him, but this one has Jamiroquai instead of cheesy techno :)

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10 still active fav players of mine.
In alphabetic order:
Bobo Vieri, Atalanta
Charlie Puyol, Barcelona
Esteban Cambiasso, Internatzionale
Javier Zanetti, Internazionale
Juninho Pernambucano, Lyon
Paolo Maldini, AC Milan
Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid
Tomáš Rosický, ArsE
Torsten Frings, Werder Bremen
Xavi, Barcelona

Some are over the top but have qualities that makes them classy footballers and not just some overrated shirt selling overdo play style.

There's a few more names to mention but you wanted just 10 names.:)

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in no order
1) ronaldinho , he would light up old trafford even now just pure talent
2) torres , got to be one of fergies biggest regrets we looked at him time after time and never made a move for him.
3) essien , chose chelsea over united for the money
4)robben , quality winger should have signed for united when he shook hands with fergie on deal , sold his soul for the cash of chelski.
5) ruud , goal scoring machine his goals per games ratio is second to none , especially in europe.
6)sneijder , impressed me most with his energy passing and shooting , a class act.
7) messi , he run rings round us , our players were scared to go near him
8) ribery , whoever signs him will get a very good winger
9) del piero , old now but i always wished we would sign for us for years , truly united class.
10) ramos , a very good fullback , good showing in the euros

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Messi- one of the best in the world.
Hleb- my compatriot...Come on Belarus! :)
Fabregas- great player....
Owen :) - one of my fav players like Rooney.
Timoschyk - one of the best captain. Come on Ukrain!
Pogrednyak - he is the best in Russia and good guy.
Berbatov - great striker...
Lombaerts- young def....he will be a star.
Gattuso- he is
Arshavin- dont like him,but he is Legend...already...

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1 messi
2 berbatov
3 essien
4 cech
5 micah richards
6 gerrard {actually the team would be built around him ,sadly he's a scouser}
7 lescott {i know but i believe this lad can make a good defence great}

i am quite happy that no more improvments can be made outside this 7.
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